I offer freelance editorial expertise to those looking to take the next step in their writing career. Due to my experience, I am able to combine my editorial experience with knowledge and understanding of the publishing industry to offer advice and support on both the technical aspects of a novel as well as commercial viability.

For authors, I am offering the following services:


I read and review your complete manuscript and provide a set of notes covering larger plot and structural issues, commercial viability and next steps. My report is typically 4-5 pages long and is perfect for those who are looking for a second opinion on their novel and what is working and what isn’t. £400 for novels under 100K words.


I take an in-depth look at your manuscript. I cover all aspects of plot, characterisation, setting, world-building, pace and dialogue, providing a detailed set of editorial notes that is typically 6-10 pages long. In addition to this, I go through each page of the manuscript, providing queries and comments highlighting areas that need work, referencing examples or points mentioned in the editorial notes and particular stylistic tics and inconsistencies. This is not a line-edit or copy-edit and it does not focus on correcting grammar. £13 per £1,000 words.


I provide a detailed set of notes on your query letter, synopsis and first three chapters or 10,000 words, plus feedback on commercial viability. £199.


Writing a blurb is HARD. Even seasoned editors find it hard! I can help you with this, by writing a blurb that will immediately grab the attention of your readers and sell your book. For Young Adult and Adult fiction, I charge £100 if you can supply a synopsis and £200 without. For Middle-grade fiction, I charge £100. If you’d like me to make revisions, this is a further £25.


I can polish your blurb so it shines. For Young Adult and Adult fiction, I charge £35 if your blurb is less than 200 words, £60 if it is between 200 – 400 words, and £75 if it is longer than this. For Middle Grade fiction, I charge a flat fee of £60.


If you click on this tab on my website, you’ll be taken to my online course: How to Submit to a Literary Agent. I created an online course because many writers simply don’t know where to begin when preparing to submit to literary agents. Plus, it can be incredibly daunting submitting something that you have spent months – possibly even years – writing. Depending on where you look, there is either a lot of conflicting information on how to submit, or very little information. It can also be dispiriting if you receive form rejection after form rejection. I understand this! So I devised this course to take away some of the mystery from the submissions process and arm you with the tips and information to create the best possible submission – and therefore give yourself the best chance possible of securing literary representation. Please note, this course is for those submitting Adult and Young Adult fiction ONLY.

‘I’ve found the course really helpful … especially the section on how to write a decent synopsis’ 

‘Really satisfying as it forced me to evaluate my novel to try and discover what it was about and what I wanted to achieve by writing it’

‘I found the course very helpful and well put together. I’ve read everything I can find online about agent submission and synopsis and while happy with my book, still didn’t have the confidence to submit. This has already helped me fill in some gaps to tighten my submission up’ 

Please note, I am no longer offering mentoring.

If you are interested in any of the options listed above or want to discuss a more bespoke editorial package, get in touch via the contact form here.