Before I became a Publishing and Editorial Consultant, I spent six years working as an editor at Dorling Kindersley and Pan Macmillan publishers and then another five years working as a Literary Agent. The editing was always one of the aspects that I enjoyed most about the job – having that first read-through of the finished manuscript, noting the parts that I was enjoying and the parts where I felt the pace slowed down or the prose needed greater clarification, was always exciting. I like to see the book as a garden and I am the gardener with the pruning shears, pulling up the weeds and getting rid of the detritus, but also helping the book to grow and flourish. There is also something innately rewarding about editing, knowing that you are helping the author to become more confident in their work and the book become the best version of itself.

Working as an editor also gave me insight into how publishing companies work – and why they acquire some authors rather than others. Agents are incredibly selective about who they take on, but publishers are even more selective. That’s why insider knowledge is invaluable to me as both an agent and an editor, because I can give the book the best chance it has of being picked up by an agent and then a publisher.