I’m Louise. I work as a Publishing and Editorial Consultant. I am a former Literary Agent.

I have over a decades’ worth of experience working in publishing. I spent six years working as an editor at two ‘big five’ UK publishers and then almost five years working as a Literary Agent. Prior to these jobs, I worked as a bookseller! So you could say that I know the book publishing industry pretty well.  As an agent I represented a number of commercial and literary fiction authors, including commercial and critical bestsellers.  As an editor I published and edited genres ranging from crime and thrillers, historical fiction and women’s fiction, through to science fiction, horror and fantasy. I published bestselling authors such as Jessica Knoll and Mary Wood and award-winning authors such as Ryan David Jahn.

I offer a variety of editorial services and also run a highly-praised online course, How to Submit to a Literary Agent. You can find out more about my editorial and publishing services here. If you’d like me to take a look at your manuscript or submissions package, drop me a line using the contact form.